Wave Energy

The British Isles have the best wave energy resources on the planet. The vast uninterrupted distance the wind travels across the Atlantic ocean is among the longest in the world, and wind in turn propels waves. The average wave energy could be as much as 70KW per metre of wave well offshore. The energy Neptune is designed to capture is around 45KW per metre of wave (or 45MW per kilometre for a large wave farm). Harnessing this power to create clean, renewable energy is one of the chief targets of governments around the world.




Neptune 1:20 scale model being prepared for tank testing



Neptune is a unique wave energy converter with only one moving part that sits on the sea bed, away from the maelstrom that may be raging above, but yet which harnesses the energy of the waves travelling above it. It is a type of device known as a resonating point absorber and the power of the wave is captured in an oscillating water column. Because the device sits at a depth of around 40 metres, the risks of storm damage are minimal. Because the top of the device is typically about 15 metres below the surface there is no visual impact. 



The prospects for Wave Energy

are enormous, with governments all round the world actively encouraging development of devices. Here in the UK the government is making large sums available to assist development and deployment of interim and full scale devices


Neptune Energy Limited have privately funded and created a 1:20 scale model (see picture above) which has been successfully tank tested and shown to produce power which when scaled up to full size equals several megawatts.  Neptune's figures have been independently validated by the Peninsular Research institute for Renewable Energy Universities of Exeter and Plymouth. The power generated at full scale has also been  validated by ESRU and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow . The figures achieved so far are likely to be exceeded with further development and testing.


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UK Patent GB 2440945 granted.  International Patents applied for.




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